Shaun McGlynn – American, b. 1979 based in Santa Fe, NM

Life is an experience of many creations. Some of us create through work, some through family, others for any infinite number of reasons. Upon starting my creative process the challenge is always to let go of the distractions of daily life and find focus. Finding this focus gives me a sense of balance which I try and emulate through my work. My work gives me purpose to create and leave a mark on the world more permanent than myself.

Shaun is experimenting with elements of engineering, design, material and mass. Similar to a drawing; the lines he creates in his sculpture change the space around them creating form in both positive and negative space. Shaun is not trying to fill space with his creations but instead is attempting to contain, control and manipulate it.

Shaun attended the College of Santa Fe and holds a B.A. in studio art with a concentration in sculpture and digital media. He has worked professionally with numerous New Mexico artists, architects, blacksmiths, designers and galleries. He has also taught as an adjunct professor of sculpture at the College of Santa Fe. Shaun has and continues to produce his work at his studio in Santa Fe, along with making privately commissioned sculptural and functional pieces.